Dragos Ionita
My name is Dragos Ionita and I'm from Romania. I'm studying Engineering of Installations in the 3rd year. I was lucky to be part of SEDARVP GHANA Erasmus project. I never thought it will be such an amazing experience. I met a lot of people from Ghana, Togo and also Denmark. I have only beautiful words about everyone I've met: friendly, generous, respectfully and intelligent are just a few qualities they have. In Ghana, Tamale ,I had the most beautiful time. We have made a lot of interaction games to know each other better and in that way we became best friends. I'm still in good relations with a lot of people i met there and I really hope I'll have the opportunity to meet them again. By those words I want to say thank you from all my heart to the entire team for all the effort! Respect!
Alice Boyer
My name is Alice Boyer, I'm a 25 years old French woman. I would like to share with you my experience with SEDARVP GHANA. In November 2015, I participated to an international project in Ghana. 4 countries were involved: Ghana, Togo, Denmark and Romania. I was part of the Romanian team because I'm living in Romania now. This project was for me the opportunity to go for the first time on the African continent and to discover a new culture, new traditions and to meet some very great people with whom I'm still in touch with. I would like to thanks the members of SEDARVP GHANA association for their heartwarming welcome and for their hospitality. If the experience was amazing it is because SEDARVP GHANA made us feel like home, they were very attentive of our needs and well-being. If you want to volunteer and have a great experience in Ghana, I recommend with all my heart SEDARVP GHANA association. I met incredible people that I miss a lot and that I hope to see again soon.
Luna Wenning
My name is Luna Wenning, and I'm 18 years old. I'm living in Denmark. I would like to share with you my experience with SEDARVP GHANA. In November 2015, I participated to an international project in Ghana. 4 countries were involved: Ghana, Togo, Denmark and Romania. I was part of the Danish team. This project was big for me because i had never been to Africa, but always wanted to go. Also the project was very exciting, meeting so many different people from different places in the world. Abukari Shaibu Niendow was amazing, always there to help with any kind of trouble and just a very nice person. SEDARVP really made me feel at home in Ghana. I really want, someday, to go back and be a volunteer for SEDARVP GHANA association. I can only recommend everyone to go, get an experience for a life time with SEDARVP.
Ms Arielle Kelly
I have personally known Mr Shaibu Niendow Abukari and the SEDARVP Ghana Organization for almost 3 years. Shaibu is a very honourable and compassionate person who works hard every day to relieve the suffering and inequality he sees around him. I know that it affects him deeply. The whole Team at SEDARVP are truly dedicated to finding solutions for some of the poorest rural families in Ghana and for helping the little children living in the streets or in the orphanages there. They are also working hard helping the local women to develop small businesses and to uplift the quality of both education and health care in the region. I urge people to support their wonderful initiatives through personal volunteering, financial donations or spreading the word internationally. If you visit them in person you will be warmly welcomed and I cannot think of a better or more worthwhile contribution towards ending extreme poverty and uplifting the lives of those who so desperately need a helping hand.
Maja Hedin
In 2015 I was part of running a big EU exchange project involving 4 countries – Ghana, Togo, Romania and Denmark. The project was taking place in Tamale Ghana and Sedarvp Ghana was our partner and the host, whilst we were there. It was an absolutely amazing experience and beautiful to meet so many dedicated people, who work hard everyday to make the world a better place.
Sedarvp Ghana is an organization that passionately and determined are changing the life of people there are in need. I have seen how they with very few resources are helping children, women and marginalized people and are giving them hopes for the future. I have deep respect for their hard work and hope that Sedarvp Ghana will grow even bigger, so they can reach even more people in future!
Gladly we are still working together and through our collaboration we have fundraised money in Denmark to create ‘Mobile Street Libraries’ - these will be established this spring 2017 in Tamale. Sedarvp will develop and run the libraries to help young people with their school work and to pass their exams, which is hard for a lot of youth in Tamale due to lack of money and school materials.
I’m so happy for getting to know Sedarvp Ghana – they are all very inspiring people and I look forward to continue our collaboration. So thank you Sedarvp Ghana and not least Mr. Shaibu Niendow Abukari, the founder and director of Sedarvp Ghana, for such a warm welcome, for a fantastic exchange project, for introducing us to your work, and for making the world a better place!
Mr. Giovanni Tovt
This incredible project was created and is being sustained all along by the inspiring vision and hard work of its founder and President, Mr. Shaibu Abukari Niendow. I do hope and believe that everyone who will be involved in this venture will become aware that the importance of these projects go well beyond the benefits to local communities but will have a remarkable and positive impact on the very future of our planet at large and much greater so in the end, than any high-profile, endless talks in the palaces of power…
Olaf Eggers
I had heard so much good about Sedarvp Ghana that I start as soon as possible my journey to Ghana. First, I met Mr. Shaibu Niendow the founder and president of Sedarvp Ghana. He is a very friendly and open-minded man. He has such a big heart and he wants to help everywhere in Ghana where he can. Shaibu showed me his projects there in the Northern Region. In a small town with the typical round-houses I met the female members of his Women Empowerment project. They showed me how they are making from shea-nuts the best shea-butter and also how they made their typical handmade ceramic pots for saving water and foods inside. With Shaibu I also visited the school with a lot of young girls and boys. In a simple house they have two classrooms there and the children were laughing and having a good time to meet me. Football/Soccer – most Ghanaian boys and men play it full with passion. Sedarvp Ghana project also gives a chance to young boys for playing football in club there. We visited them and it was a pleasure for me to see that every young player on the field is full with biggest enthusiasm. Some of the boys have soccer-shoes, but the most of them played without shoes because they have no money to buy. But all are playing respectful together.
Abukari Shaibu Niendow
Founder & President
My name is Abukari Shaibu Niendow, founder and president of SEDARVP GHANA Organization. I founded this organization to provide quality education to vulnerable children by providing them with basic learning material through the support of volunteers and donors. Provision of proper care to orphanages as well as promotion of child rights was and always has been a dream.
Growing up as a child, I encountered so many challenges with regards to basic learning materials, and despite all these challenges, I never gave up. I fought my way up to the senior high school, and pursued science and finally came out with disappointing results. My failure wasn't because I was academically bad but my failure was due to lack of basic learning materials. After my high school, I knew where my failure came from and started organizing voluntary teaching class for kids in my community, which we call after school class.
I decided to turn my failure into a success story by making sure that , I team up with people who has love for volunteering to join hands with me and help make quality education every child Rights.
As it was in the past and still exists, quality education is for the rich families in many parts of our world, but through my failure in school, quality education has become every child right to the communities that we are serving.
My advice to everybody out there, especially youngsters, failure in school or in your dream job should not stop you from climbing the ladder, I have no degree or masters or PhD, but am proud serving a community that produces people with Degrees, diplomats and the likes. Join me and my Team for a cause that gives every child the right to quality education, especially the vulnerable ones. Thank you all.
Abukari Shaibu Niendow
(shaibu@sedarvpghana.org /abukari@sedarvpghana.org)